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January 21, 2023




Transgender people in sports? In bathrooms? Trans kids and gender-affirming healthcare? Let's talk about it. Register here for a 90-min seminar on allyship towards the trans community.

2022 saw record-breaking numbers of anti-transgender legislation across the country, attacking mostly trans children in healthcare, schools, and sports. 2023 has already seen 11 states propose attacks on trans healthcare. Join Schuyler Bailar (he/him) for a 90-min seminar on allyship and activism for the trans community. The seminar will review (high-level) proposed legislation and fact-driven, evidence-based breakdowns of anti-trans rhetoric fueling the bills.

Schuyler will make ample time for Q&A following the seminar, so come with questions and be ready to engage! All are welcome, regardless of gender history. Cisgender (not transgender people) folks are strongly encouraged to attend, continuing their efforts to support trans and other marginalized folks during this time. Fellow trans folks are, of course, welcome; the seminar will help provide you with better tools to engage in conversations advocating for yourself.

Comments from Last Year's Seminar

"This was a sensational workshop - it was incredibly comprehensive and covered so much content."
" concrete, very understandable talking points that I can use when talking to others about trans people-- particularly my family, who are very right-wing."
"Schuyler was so compassionate, confident, and a really amazing presenter."
"The slides were perfectly made and very informative!"
"Loved the layout, flow, amount of information without being too much, and all the additional resources given!"
"I really enjoyed the presentation of the myths followed by the facts that debunk each myth. This will allow me to draw on these facts when people bring up these myths. Starting with the definitions of important terms was also great!"
"Schuyler's expertise is unmatched. I also loved the interpreters and live transcription."


Schuyler Bailar (he/him) is an internationally renowned inspirational speaker and inclusion advocate. As seen on The Ellen Show and The Olympic Channel, Schuyler was the first transgender athlete to compete on an NCAA D1 men’s team, competing for Harvard's winningest team in 50 years. He has given over 450 trans literacy and inclusion trainings across the country and beyond and brings this expertise to his seminar series. In 2022, Schuyler launched LaneChanger, an online learning series aimed to bring gender literacy to every school, organization, and business. Learn more at

Register here. All are welcome. Registration is $20 but if you cannot pay, please apply for a scholarship here. Schuyler works hard to try to ensure finance is not a barrier.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email

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