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What People are saying about

"A wonderfully clear and convincing guide to comprehending and defending gender diversity."
"Revitalizes a conversation on gender but also provides a central framework for self-advocacy."
"A smart and accessible discussion of gender and sexuality."
"An incredible book and resource, He/She/They is informative, fabulous to read, and leaves the reader with information, joy, and proactive ways to get involved in what is one of the most important human rights conversations of our time."
Jonathan Van Ness
"I wish I had this book to guide my own journey years ago, but I am glad it exists now. We need it!"
Dylan Mulvaney
"Courageous and heartwarming, He/She/They sheds light on the journey of gender discovery and acceptance… A must-read for anyone seeking understanding, compassion, and hope on the path to self-discovery."
Jazz Jennings
"He/She/They is a human story of struggle and courage, masterfully told with decency and kindness."
Lesley Stahl
"Bailar explains to readers how to understand transness and gender, why language matters, and how to be an ally... Highly recommended for public libraries"
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