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April 12, 2022

UPDATE: As of October 1, 2021, Schuyler is no longer accepting new clients. He has some drop-in sessions available, which are available on a per-needed basis. Please email to request a session below.


Schuyler offers individual private life-coaching & mentorship for people of all identities regardless of age, gender journey, or profession via Zoom. Request a session at the link above!

About Sessions with Schuyler

Schuyler’s work is quite diverse. He provides guidance for working with negative body image, navigating difficult conversations, coming out processes (both LGBTQ+ related, and not), and decision-making, building confidence and learning positive self-talk, managing and understanding emotions, and more.

While Schuyler continues to aid a variety of people across many identities both in and out of the LGBTQ+ community, Schuyler has significant experience with trans and gender nonconforming folks working through topics such as building confidence and self-assuredness as a trans person, dealing with internalized transphobia and transphobic environments, navigating dysphoria alongside eating disorders and/or other mental illness, and more.

Schuyler also provides professional guidance, including career coaching and purpose-driven life-coaching.


  • LGBTQ+
  • Transgender
  • Parents, family, and parters of transgender folks
  • Multiracial, multicultural, mixed-race identity
  • Passion-based career coaching
  • Eating disorders, especially among those who are LGBTQ+

Note: As both someone who struggled with an eating disorder, and now, recovered, works as Monte Nido & Affiliate’s National Fellow, Schuyler has a great deal of experience working in the eating disorder recovery & treatment space, but is not a clinician. As such, sessions that deal with eating disorders or any other mental illness are still NOT therapy or clinical treatment, but rather a space to provide support and share similar experience.)

Recurring Sessions

Schuyler offers recurring sessions for more in-depth mentorship and/or life-coaching:

  • Frequency: Most folks do weekly sessions—but Schuyler is happy to accommodate more or less depending on your needs!
  • Scheduling: Schuyler mostly builds his schedule around sessions with his recurring clients so if you’re interested, email him with a few days/times that work for you. Keep in mind he does not typically offer weekend sessions.
  • Rates:
  • Standard rates are $80 USD for 30 minutes, and $120 USD for 55 minutes.
  • Schuyler occasionally offers extended sessions for 85 minutes for $200-250 USD.
  • Family or couples sessions are $220 USD for 80 minutes
  • Please note: Schuyler never wants finances to be a barrier, so he also operates on sliding scale if necessary! Please indicate if you’re interested in this when booking (below) and Schuyler will do his best to accommodate!


“I was able to grow and become the man I was meant to be. I was given the tools to heal a lot of residual trauma from systematic racism, misogyny and toxic masculinity, and internalized transphobia. Working together really helped me transition more smoothly into society as my authentic self.” — Kooshan

“I liked that Schuyler provided a very welcoming space to talk about anything… seriously anything. Every week I had a list of things that I wanted to address and resolve and every session was met with insight, reflection, and exercises to help me combat whatever situations were in my way. ” — Landon, 21, trans man, USA

“Some of the benefits that I noticed as a result of working together was overall self-acceptance of my body and mind. As a trans man myself I felt that Schuyler allowed me to step into my body without issue. […] Schuyler being able to relate created a feeling of peace I had yet to experience 5 years into my medical transition. Overall a freeing experiencing working with him.” — Landon, 21, trans man, USA

I would recommend [Schuyler] to anybody that was as overwhelmed as I was with not only identity-related internal conflicts but other deep personal issues with self-confidence and trust, etc.” — Quewon

“I would recommend him to others as I feel he is very knowledgeable about the LGBTQ+ community and able to adapt to any conversation a client needs to have. His desire to help and show up for those in need speaks volumes as to the kind of man and mentor he is.” — Landon, 21, trans man, USA

I would recommend [Schuyler] to anyone who needs mentorship. [Schuyler has] multiple ways of helping with problems or issues, from offering tactical solutions to more emotional support.” — Oliver, 18, transgender man, USA

“I am Autistic which makes eye contact feel really overwhelming and overstimulating for me, yet I felt confident in the fact that Schuyler didn’t judge me for the ways in which I needed to take care of myself to be present in the space.” — E

“I felt that my feelings were really heard. I felt understood and respected in every way […] I am truly thankful for this experience. I didn’t know that he would have such a positive impact on my life.” — Bernardo

I keep telling my friends that I suggest they try out a session with [Schuyler]. I think there is more value to our sessions than other therapists. These sessions are very affirming and validating. And the feedback I receive is very valuable as opposed to other similar support I got (coaches, therapists, etc.) that merely acknowledge I was different but didn’t know how to support me in spite of them.” — Kooshan

“[Schuyler was] very understanding and made it easy for me to open up. When [Schuyler] would relay what I said back to me, it helped me realize that things that at first seemed messy were actually manageable. […] [Working together] helped me say and do what I need to, without letting my anxieties take control of the situation.” — Quewon

Please note that while Schuyler has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Harvard, he is not a licensed mental health professional and sessions with him are not considered therapy of any kind. By scheduling an appointment with Schuyler, you are acknowledging that you understand this and agree to the terms of the participation agreement.

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