2021 Trans Day of Remembrance Campaign Info

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April 11, 2022

Please download the slides and post them on Saturday, November 20th at noon (12pm) EST or anytime after that on Saturday.


If you'd like to replace the first slide's graphic with a photo of yourself, you're welcome to do so! I encourage you to do whatever you think is best for your account and your feed. Just make sure the first slide has the text, "6 THINGS TO DO ON TRANS DAY OF REMEMBRANCE," written clearly on it. My first slide will be with my trusty whiteboard and you're welcome to use that photo if you'd like. I've included that in the link above as well.

Some notes when posting:

Do NOT to crop the images when posting. Cropping could remove my links from the bottom of each slide, which would prevent viewers to access more information. I've included two size ratios of every slide for your convenience in the link above -- a square ratio and a 4:5 standard IG portrait ratio.

Don't forget to tag me in the slides so I can like & comment! I will also be reposting some to my story. Also, please tag each of the creators I've suggested folks to follow in the final slide. Their handles are written in the image, and if you need them in text, they're in the Alt Text document at the link above.

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