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Schuyler offers mentoring and coaching for individuals and teams and corporate consulting to companies and institutions.

Mentoring and coaching
In addition to being one of the easiest people to talk to, Schuyler has a rare combination of experience and expertise to share. Schuyler’s experience as an athlete and athletic coach coupled with his life experiences with therapy, counseling, eating disorders, self-harm, gender and sexuality afford him unique and tangible insights. Schuyler also brings learnings from thousands of people he has assisted through their journeys and challenges.

Schuyler offers companies, schools and other institutions diversity and inclusion consulting – both at an organization and policy level as well on an individual or group level. His advisory work includes:

  • DEI education
  • DEI oversight and approaches
  • Gender-inclusive policies and practices
  • Incorporating gender-inclusive attributes into your service and/or product
  • On-the-ground counseling for individual/group interventions

NOTE: Although Schuyler has a BA in Cognitive Neuroscience and Evolutionary Psychology from Harvard University, he is not a licensed therapist or medical professional

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